What we do

At CCMS our goal is to ensure your cash is kept secure, right through from deposit to the safety of the bank. Our comprehensive insurance cover, along with top of the range, sturdy Categorised devices ensure that the “Threat” of in store or in-transit incident is greatly diminished. We offer excellent and competitive costings that allows your business cash flow to assist in the natural growth of your business from strength to strength. CCMS believes that alongside our partners we ultimately strive towards a shared goal where “diminished risk profile to your business”. On average, there are 52 violent robbery attacks that occur on a daily basis throughout the South African business landscape. Due to this alarming average, a large quantity of time and money is spent on safeguarding retail businesses’ earnings, customers and employees. CCMS offers an all-inclusive, value guaranteed, cash management solution to our customers. Our business is to relieve the risk to your business while being a leader in the cash management and payments space. But we are not just about leading edge technology and top-end cash management systems, we believe in the promotion of a performance-based culture to deliver an exceptional customer experience. CCMS limited delivers to you our valued client the most comprehensive cash management solution specifically designed for your retail requirements. Currently our diverse client base extends to all chapters of the FMCG market.

Who we are CCMS supplies retailers with automated cash management solutions that provide on the spot guarantee of value, eliminates the risk that accompanies the general handling of large amounts of cash while ensuring fast cash settlements. But most importantly, at CCMS we strive to build a safer, more efficient trading space in which our retail partners, their staff and customers do business.

Our solutions

Cash Receiving Devices (CAD’s) CCMS has a variety of different sized devices to suit your cash requirements. Devices are categorised to various levels and are an effective deterrent against armed robbery and other potential threats.   Strengths The strength of our approach to business can be summarised in the following key-points:  

  • Efficiency by Accurate and speedy Validators.
  • Free installation in major metropolitan areas
  • Protection against Counterfeit notes.
  • Option of LAN /GPRS modem as a communication method.
  • Unlimited amount of users.
  • Fully bank agnostic with unlimited bank accounts.
  • Entrance to device controlled by supervisor and CIT interaction.
  • Full shift reporting capability.
  • POS integration.
  • Transaction reporting by Date, Time, Operator and Denomination.

  In addition to the key-points previously mentioned, we offer the following add-ons to our customers:  

  • Access to Bancit, an online web facility to monitor all actions and transactions on your CAD, all transactions are transmitted real-time to Bancit, with access from PC, Tablets or smart phone.
  • An office hour call centre, for fault reporting.
  • On-site training of your staff during installation.

  Settlement Options  We offer three settlement options for your convenience. We have Same Day, Next Day or Two Day settlement in your account options available.    Cash In Transit (CIT) With CIT agnostic we are able to provide the best in-service for CIT requirements. All of the major CIT suppliers are contracted with us and we offer competitive market-related rates.